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Howdy to all my new personal finance blog friends…



And thanks for stopping by…


This is the story of a good ol’ country boy from Central Texas and his family’s attempt at getting out of debt.


Now I know what you’re a thinking – “Joe Bob, there are hundreds of stories just like yours out there.  What makes yours so special?”  Well, the answer to that is:




My story is pretty much the same story as thousands of folks out here in this great country of ours.  It looks a lot like this:

·     We start our lives

·     Things go pretty good for a while

·     Life happens

·     All of a sudden you look up and you owe a bunch of folks some serious money.

And then, you really get to thinkin’ that you’re stupid or something or you let the mess that you’re in somehow to start to define who you are.  But really, you are who the Good Lord really meant for you to be:


A smart, special person who along the way just made some bad decisions with your personal finances.


So now it’s time to step back, take a big ol’ deep breath, and get to figuring out how to get outta the mess you are in.


Does that sound familiar?  Well, now, that’s right about where I am right now. 


I have this here big goal of getting myself out from under roughly $74,000.00 in money I owe in the next 7 years.  That sounds like some pretty tall cotton to hoe, I know.  But there it is…


And somehow while you are watching the Pitts family climb outta this hole, maybe I can give you my take on some of the things happening in the world of personal finance and life in general. 


Heck, maybe we can teach each other a thing or two and make everybody’s life just a little better.  That would be plumb wonderful.


So come and share some good old Texas hospitality with me and let’s help each other out.


Ya’ll come back now, ya hear.


Joe Bob