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Looky What I Found — Some Good Posts on Personal Finance Blogs

I was lookin’ around and came across some really good posts on some of the best personal finance blogs.  So I thought I would start a Weekly Top Picks.  So here goes, folks:

That smart feller J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly created a stir when he got to talking about the difference between a career and a job.  Some smart folks (like me) agreed with his take, while others didn’t have the same opinion.

Over at The Simple Dollar, Trent does a really good job reviewing the book Living Rich by Spending Smart by Gregory Karp.  Now if I can find time off from the pork and bean factory to read it, I’ll be in good shape.

Katie at Geezeo gives a great example of what time and interest can do in encouraging folks to do the best they can in getting their baby steps going and asking if they are big enough.

Frugal Dad has a great list of 75 tips for surviving tough economic times.  It was first posted on June 16, but it is still good.  Fortunately, I saw me and Beulah in a bunch of these.  There are some others we’re gonna try though.

In a great article, Patrick at Cash Money For Life discusses some ideas on figuring how much to tip for service.  Unfortunately, it appears that in hard economic times some folks forget that those tips are how Flo makes her living.

Hazzard at Everybody Loves Your Money takes on those who put off saving money in his 15 Excuses to Put Off Saving

Need some quick easy ieas for saving some dough?  Check out the 25 Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation in Under 10 Minutes written by Jeffrey at Saving Advice.  The credit cards frozen in ice trick was super!

Lazy Man and Money gives an alternative view on some of the benefits of using credit cards in a responsible manner.  This is for the faint of heart only as many of us don’t have the gumption to pay the entire balance off every month. 

Free Money Finance had a good post on reducing college costs.  Some of those we are already doing with our son Cletus. 

And finally, for a whole bunch of great posts on a bunch of different blogs, check out the 133rd Festival of Frugality: Bare Necessities Edition for some great money-saving tips.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear.