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That Dog Won’t Hunt and the Psychology of Debt…

One day, my youngest son Cletus and I were out quail hunting with our dogs, Daisy and Blue. Now Ol’ Blue was a hound that was getting on up there in age – probably around 12 years old or so.



How quail hunting works is that you send the dogs ahead of you and they sniff out the quail and kinda spook them and they fly up and you are able to take a shot at them.


Well, Cletus and I were walking about 100 yards apart and after a shot, I noticed that poor old Blue had gone to that final quail hunt in the sky – he had apparently had a heart attack and dropped dead right there on the spot.


Unaware of this, Cletus, who had gone a while since shooting his last bird, said “Hey, Pa, send Blue over here so I can take a shot.”


Looking at the lifeless body of my hunting dog, I turn to Cletus and said “Son, that dog won’t hunt.”


Okay, to be honest, the expression “that dog won’t hunt” has been around the South for a long time. It means basically that something is “no good” or “won’t work”.


I like to use that expression.


Today, I was watching my television and a commercial for a certain insurance company came on. In it, a man and his wife are unloading their shopping cart while buying insurance. The wife apparently doesn’t know that her husband has bought a motorcycle, and RV, and a boat and some other stuff.


The last part of the commercial says that the company has cheaper prices so that you can have more money to “buy more toys”, as if buying more stuff will make you happier.


And that just plays right into us folks that are in debt because of “I have to have it now”. It just works right along maintaining the psychology of debt.


“I can’t afford that now” — No problem, put it on a payment plan.


“We really need this, but we don’t have the money” — No problem, let’s take out a loan.


“Everybody has one of those except us” — No problem, put it on the card.


Well, let me tell you. That dog won’t hunt.


Companies spend a lot of money on advertising hoping that you will send some of your hard-earned dollars their way. If you buy or use their product, they make money. There is nothing wrong with making a profit and capitalism.


But, we have to be really careful not to let a company’s wishes divert our attention away from our own personal finance goals. We need to make sure we don’t get caught up in the whole psychology of debt.


It’s kinda like those Visa commercials that show a fast food joint shutting down when someone chooses to pay for their meal with cash. I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t noticed a single change down at the IHOP when I flash a $20 bill to pay.


Or they can bring out Dan Marino and Larry the Cable Guy all they won’t, but buying some overpriced food is not gonna change my weight problem if I can’t curb my appetite or actually get off my rear end to burn some of those calories up.


And I don’t know about you, but my dear wife Beulah can put on all the Victoria’s Secret underdrawers that she wants, but she don’t ever look anything like those gals that they got prancing around on all those commercials.


It just don’t work that way in real life. Those dogs just won’t hunt.


So, don’t let those subliminal messages advertisers use make you pay some other “stupid taxes”.